Costa Sur Discharge Canal

Location: Peñuelas, Puerto Rico
Client: PREPA
Length: 500 mts
Contact: Ing. Amaury Pacheco

Structural repair of the discharge canals saltwater the generating units of the South Central Coast Electric Power Authority. The repairs included the reconstruction of retaining walls using helical pile systems and replacement of the support beams through the canal.



Aguirre Water Retation Basin

Location: Puerto Rico
Client: PREPA
Type of Construction: Movimiento de Terreno
Contact: Ing. Amaury Pacheco

Terrain movement and construction of two water retention basin to supply raw water to a reverse osmosis system.



DeChabert Housing Demolition

Location: St Croix, USVI
Client: VI Housing Authority
Demolished Structures: Complejo de Viviendas
Contact: Ms. Lydia Hughes

Demolition of a housing complex of 45 units. Including the multi-story buildings and individual residences. The work includes cleaning, disposal of debris and setting out the impacted areas.