Location: PUERTO PLATA, Dominican Republic
Client: POSEIDON Renewable Energy
Completion Date: ONGOING
Project Description:

Los Guzmancitos Wind Farm, in a first phase with a capacity of 50MW; located in the Los Guzmancitos section, municipality of Luperón, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The promoters of the project are: Poseidón Renewable Energy, LAESA and Los Orígenes Power Plant, all with extensive experience in the energy sector.

The objective of the promoters is to contribute with the generation of clean energy to the national grid, due to the great deficit of energy production, combined with a very high tariff for the population.

The Project consists of 16 3.1Mw turbines at a height of 132 meters that add up to a total of 50Mw. Los Guzmancitos Wind Farm substitutes other non-renewable energy and polluting forms of generation, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases such as CO2, SO2 and NOX, by an approximate value of 235,000 metric tons per year.